Coverings by Induction

Covering by induction with Bamboo, Polyester, Cotton 100% and Duffel fabric

Coverings by Induction

Covering by induction both in Polyurethane (PU) and PVC is one of the main specialities of our massive chain production. We have the latest applications in the market to offer technical weavings for the home, with different width, colours, grammages and application. If you are interested in new weavings or finishings, both for fabric or coverings do not hesitate contacting us.


Our matress protection tissue of cotton terry loop fabric  uses for hospitals, residence, hotels, and domestic use.


Polyester- Cotton,  Cotton 100 %,  Bamboo,  Mulleton – Duffel and  Polyester


PU, PVC and PVC without  Phthalates

Standard Width   

195 – 205 cm

Optional Finishes